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October 16 2017

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October 14 2017

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October 11 2017

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Russian Navy Su-30SM

October 08 2017

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Eurobike 2017: POC – Coron Air Spin Fullface-Helm & Ora Clarity Goggle


✄————10/06 13:00————✄

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Huskies on water

Russian photographer Fox Grom on his recent walk with his dogs has captured a beautiful series of photos. He discovered a frozen lake covered with rainwater that created the illusion of the dogs walking on water. The end results are stunning, the way the water blends with the sky is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. 

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dog spelled backwards is god… think about that

October 07 2017

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Be sure to visit http://www.youtube.com/sgfreak96 for more awesome car videos! Follow @chris_nicholas_cars on instagram for awesome exotic cars

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Believe in your infinite potential | ( by Stijn Dijkstra )

September 30 2017

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